Donate to any of these funds or use the search option below to find the fund of your choice. If you have any questions, contact us at 717-409-8220 or by emailing Billie Jo

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Aaron and Janis Brenner Philanthropic Fund
Donate Aaron Einzig Memorial JCC Day Camp Scholarship Fund
Donate Aaron Maisel Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Aaron Match Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Abel-Millman Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Abriana Bernstein B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Adam Chernicoff B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Adam Mitrani B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Adina and Robert Sanker Philanthropic Fund
Donate Albert and Lee Kovner Kosher Meals on Wheels Endowment
Donate Albert and Lee Kovner Mikvah Endowment
Donate Albert and Lee Kovner Philanthropic Fund
Donate Albert and Marcia Bryant Assisted Living Financial Assist.
Donate Albert Hursh PACE
Donate Alex Remmel B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Ali Rubin B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Alyssa Green B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Amy Rubin B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Andrea Picciotto B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Andrew E. Schwab Endowment
Donate Ann and Charles Berman Jewish Home Restricted Fund
Donate Ann and Charles M. Berman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Annie Doctrow B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Ann Sherman Feierman Endowment
Donate Anonymous Philanthropic Fund
Donate Arlynn and Neil Weber Philanthropic Fund
Donate Arthur and Annette K. Berman Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Arthur and Carol Hoffman Family Fund
Donate Arthur and Terry Kusic Fund
Donate Arthur H. and J. Helen Goldberg Philanthropic Fund
Donate Aviva Match Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Barbara R. Lock Endowment Fund
Donate Ben Bernstein B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Benenson Family Fund
Donate Benjamin Blutstein Memorial Fund for Israel, Music & Youth
Donate Berman/Levine Family Endowment
Donate Berman-Levine Family Endowment Fund
Donate Bernice G. Bramson Memorial Federation Endowment
Donate B'nai B'rith Continuity Fund
Donate Bnai Tzedek Youth Foundation Fund
Donate Bnai Tzedek Youth Foundation Operating Fund
Donate Bobbie and Newton Millner PACE
Donate Bobby Nuccel Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate Bruce Bushwick and Lise Levin Family Fund
Donate Bryant Family Foundation Fund
Donate Caroline Rubin Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Cemetery Endowment
Donate Chabad of York Fund
Donate Charles and Eunyce Press Endowment Fund
Donate Charles Berman PACE
Donate Charles M. and Brenda L. Berman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Charles M. Berman Ohev Sholom Perpetual Fund
Donate Charles M. Berman USMMA Fund
Donate Chisuk Emuna Congregation Restricted Fund
Donate Chotiner Family Fund
Donate Clarabeth Grossman Memorial Charitable Endowment
Donate C.M. Berman and L.N. Berman Ohev Sholom Remembrance Fund
Donate Cole Ohev Sholom Designated Fund
Donate Danielle Butler B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Dani Oken B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate David (Dody) Cohen PACE
Donate David J. and Charlotte F. Spector Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Debra and Marc Gaynes Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Dick and Jackie Kleiman Fund
Donate Doctrow Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Doranz/Stewart Temple Ohev Sholom Fund
Donate Doris and Robert Rubin Philanthropic Fund
Donate Dorothea and Raphael Aronson Philanthropic Fund
Donate Dorothy Firestone Memorial JCC Fund
Donate Dorothy G. and Franklin D. Abel Philanthropic Fund
Donate Doug Spivak B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Dr. Alfred J. and Marjorie M. Sherman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Dr. Bernard Viener JCC Fund
Donate Dr. Curt and Alice Bamberger Memorial Endowment
Donate Dr. Emanuel Berger Memorial Mathematics Endowment
Donate Dr. Irene Berman-Levine and Samuel Levine Beth El Perpetual
Donate Dr. Irene Berman-Levine M.S. Institute Fund
Donate Dr. Louis O. and Flora Brenner Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Dr. Nathan D. Apple Youth Basketball Fund
Donate Dr. Todd and Calla Samuels Philanthropic Fund
Donate Dunietz Family PACE Fund
Donate Eddie Rubin Camp Scholarship Fund
Donate Education and Cultural Program Endowment of the Jewish Home
Donate Edward & Esther Beck, Gustav & Rita Beck, Moric & Dora Sawicki Family End
Donate Edward Finkelstein Jewish Education Fund
Donate Edward Finkelstein Jewish Film Festival Endowment
Donate Elaine and Dick Simons JCC Fund
Donate Elana Weinstein and Kenneth Brownstein Fund
Donate Eleanor Koplovitz Memorial Beth El Endowment
Donate Eleanor Koplovitz Memorial Yeshiva Endowment
Donate Ellen Rae Greenberg Fund
Donate Ellie Rabin PACE
Donate Ellie R. Rabin Memorial Endowment for JFSGH
Donate Elliott and Sue Weinstein AIPAC Endowment
Donate Elliott and Sue Weinstein and Family Fund
Donate Elliott and Sue Weinstein Overseas Endowment Fund
Donate Elliott and Sue Weinstein Penn State Hillel Endowment
Donate Elliott and Sue Weinstein York JCC Endowment
Donate Emily Baseman B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Emily Woolf Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Esther and Stuart Itzkovitz Philanthropic Fund
Donate Ethan DeBroff B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Ethan Weinstein Philanthropic Fund
Donate Eugene Gurkoff Memorial Philanthropic Fund
Donate Evelyne and Frank Bloom Israel Scholarship Fund
Donate Evelyn Samuelsohn Memorial Temple Beth Israel Endowment
Donate Evelyn Samuelsohn Temple Beth Israel Religious School Fund
Donate Faith and Davy Goldsmith Philanthropic Fund
Donate Faye and Martin Doctrow Philanthropic Fund
Donate Flossie Isaacman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Frances S. Goldberg PACE
Donate Frances (Tiby) Spector Pindar Designated Fund
Donate Franklin D. Abel PACE
Donate Frankston-Morris Family Fund
Donate Fred L. Dechowitz Sports and Camp Fund
Donate Freedman JCC Fitness Fund
Donate Free Loan Endowment
Donate Fund for the Foundation
Donate Furman Family Fund
Donate Gail and Robert Gaynes Philanthropic Fund
Donate Gertrude and David Sorin Family PACE
Donate Gertrude Grand Fund
Donate Gesher L'Machar-Bridge to Tomorrow Fund
Donate Gloria and Daniel Grabenstein Donor Advised Fund
Donate Gloria and Daniel Grabenstein Endowment
Donate Greater Harrisburg Holocaust Memorial Perpetual Care Fund
Donate Greg Tenor B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Guild Garden at the Jewish Home Endowment
Donate Hannah Sachs Cantor PACE
Donate Hanna Sachs Cantor Scholarship Endowment
Donate Harold and Elayne Leibenson Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Harriet J. Raffel Memorial Fund
Donate Harris and Zelma Freedman Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Harrisburg Haverim Endowment
Donate Harrisburg Jewish Film Festival Fund
Donate Harry and Frieda Spector Designated Fund
Donate Harry Williams Memorial PACE
Donate Harvey and Linda Freedenberg Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Harvey Danowitz and Family Endowment Fund
Donate Harvey Engelman Endowment
Donate Helen Gross Punsky Roots Scholarship Fund
Donate Herbert S. Abrams Leadership Award Fund
Donate Hess Family Charitable Trust
Donate Hess Family Yeshiva Academy Fund
Donate Hines Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Hirsh Family Fund
Donate Historic B'nai Jacob Synagogue Endowment
Donate Holocaust Education Endowment: Never Again
Donate Ileane and Harold Hurwitz Familly Philanthropic Fund
Donate Illfelder Family Fund
Donate I.O. Silver Foundation Fund
Donate Isaac and Victoria Levine Philanthropic Fund
Donate Israel Bond Pool Fund
Donate Ivy Symons Howells Philanthropic Fund
Donate Jack and Jan and Harren Pitnick PACE
Donate Jack and Janet and Harren Pitnick Philanthropic Endowment
Donate Jack and Penny Ogun Endowment Fund
Donate Jacobs Family Fund
Donate Jake DeBroff B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Janet Frankel Staub Endowment
Donate Javitch Yeshiva Academy Fund
Donate Jay and Nancy Krevsky Silver Academy Endowment
Donate Jay Maisel Federation Endowment
Donate Jay N. and Diane J. Maisel Endowment
Donate JCC Golden Age Club Fund
Donate JCC of York Designated Fund
Donate JCC of York Endowment
Donate JCC Program Endowment Accumulation Fund
Donate JCC Teen and Tween Athletic Fund
Donate JCFCP Contingency Fund
Donate JCFCP Operating Fund
Donate JCFCP Reserve Fund
Donate JCF's Javitch Young Leadership Award Fund
Donate Jerry Fried Philanthropic Fund
Donate Jewish Community Impact Fund
Donate Jewish Cultural Program Fund
Donate Jewish Family Service of Greater Harrisburg Board Endowment
Donate Jewish Family Service of Grtr. Hbg. Edward Cohen Endowment
Donate Jewish Family Service of Grtr. Hbg. Endowment Fund
Donate Jewish Family Services of York Endowment - In Honor of Joan Krechmer
Donate Jewish Federation Capital Reserve/Replacement Fund
Donate Jewish Federation of Grtr. Hbg. Endowment
Donate Jewish Federation Second Line Unrestricted Fund
Donate Jewish Federation Unrestricted Fund
Donate Jewish Group Home Restricted Fund
Donate Jews for Judaism
Donate JFGH CRC Israeli Speakers Educational Endowment
Donate JFS-Kosher Meals on Wheels Fund
Donate JJ Berman Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area
Donate Jocelyn Green Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Joe and Ruth Marcus Elderly Nutrition Fund
Donate Joel and Carol Ressler Endowment
Donate Joel and Carol Ressler Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Joseph and Linda Zisman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Joseph Goldsmith Federation Memorial Endowment
Donate Joshua Weinstein Philanthropic Fund
Donate Julie Wright Halbert LOJE
Donate J. Yale Gordon and Beverly Zalonis Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Kesher Israel Congregation Endowment #2
Donate Kesher Israel Perpetual Care Designated Fund
Donate Kol Central PA Fund
Donate Korsunsky Family Charitable Fund
Donate Kushner Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Kusic Family Fund
Donate Lanie and Larry Freedman PACE
Donate Lanie and Larry Freedman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Larry and Lanie Freedman JFS Endowment Fund
Donate Leah Cooper B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Leah Weintraub Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Lenora Dektor Rosenberg Charitable Fund
Donate Leonard N. and Phyllis Berman PACE
Donate Leora Match Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Libby Urie Endowment for English and Hebrew Reading Program
Donate Life and Legacy Program Fund
Donate Lily Herman Kinder Garden Bldg/Maint. Fund
Donate Linda Schwab Holocaust Education Fund
Donate Lipsett Assisted Living Fund
Donate Lipsett Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Lipsett Philanthropic Fund of the Foundation
Donate Lipsett Senior Services Marketing Fund
Donate Lois and Herman Gordon Fund for Chisuk Emuna
Donate Lois and Herman Gordon Philanthropic Fund
Donate Londonderry School Technology Fund
Donate Lorena Lemons Memorial Beth El Endowment
Donate Lorri and Ted Bernstein Philanthropic Fund
Donate Lynne & Martin Shapiro Religious School Education Fund
Donate Madison Schwab Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Maisel Family Endowment
Donate Marcia and Sandy Cohen Family Fund
Donate Marjorie and Alfred Sherman Jewish Home Fund
Donate Mark and Neysa Maisel Endowment Accumulation Fund
Donate Mark and Ruby Schmidt Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Mark Evan Stickel Art Scholarship Fund
Donate Mark Glick and Margaret Grotzinger PACE
Donate Mark Glick and Margaret Grotzinger Silver Academy Endowment
Donate Marti and Jerry Morrison Family Fund
Donate Martin and Deborah Brill Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Martin (Mayor) Sacks Family Fund
Donate Matilda (Tillie) Meyer PACE
Donate Maurice and Harriet Raffel Memorial Fund
Donate Maurice and Leona Rapoport Sr. Citizens Fund
Donate Max Bernstein B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Maya Man B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Melvin Michaels JCC Senior Talent Show Endowment
Donate Michael and Diane Goldberg Family Endowment Fund
Donate Michael and Ellen Geduldig Fund
Donate Michael and Paula Heiman Endowment
Donate Millman Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Miss Elkie Koplovitz Memorial Fund
Donate Morris and Linda Schwab Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Morris E. and Davida W. Ogun Endowment
Donate Morton and Alyce Spector Philanthropic Fund
Donate Moses Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Mount Moriah Cemetery Association Fund
Donate Nikki Woolf Care Fund of the Jewish Home of Grtr. Hbg.
Donate Norman and Pearl Scher Philanthropic Fund
Donate Norman Lang Memorial Philanthropic Fund
Donate Ogun and Bank Silver Academy Scholarship Fund
Donate Ohev Sholom Congregation Designated Fund
Donate Ohev Sholom Designated Fund
Donate Oliver Rosenberg Federation Fund
Donate Open Stage of Harrisburg Spirit of Anne Frank Fund
Donate Operating (checking)
Donate Passport to Israel Fund
Donate Paulette Keifer Family Fund
Donate Paul S. Stein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Pearl Pechter Hurwitz Charitable Fund
Donate Peggy A. Grove Family Fund
Donate Perelman Family Fund
Donate Philanthropy Fund of the JCF
Donate Phil Bloom Philanthropic Fund
Donate Philip and Abbey Goldstein Endowment
Donate Phyllis and Leonard Berman Jewish Home Restricted Fund
Donate Phyllis and Leonard Berman Ohev Sholom Perpetual Fund
Donate Phyllis and Leonard N. Berman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Phyllis Lipsett LOJE
Donate Phyllis M. Berman Ohev Sholom Designated Fund
Donate Phyllis M. Berman Ohev Sholom Temple Sisterhood Fund
Donate Pitnick Family B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Rabbi Irwin Goldenberg Youth Scholarship Fund
Donate Rabbi's Catastrophic Fund
Donate Rachel and David Schwab Williamsport Ohev Sholom Fund
Donate Rachel Wyn Levine Philanthropic Fund
Donate Randy Disend Education Endowment
Donate Reba and Martin Altman Fund for the Aged
Donate Rebecca Solomon B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Reform Cong. Oheb Sholom Music Program/Cantorial Endowment
Donate Rena and Nathan Garonzik Lancaster Jewish Phil. Fund
Donate Reuben Mitrani Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Ricci R. and Michael A. Doctrow Philanthropic Fund
Donate Richard and Elizabeth Schwab Unitrust
Donate Richard and Michelle Sanger Philanthropic Fund
Donate Rick and Ellie Friedman Donor Advised Fund
Donate Rita R. Benson JCC Film Festival Fund
Donate Robert D. and Francine E. Brenner Sacred Music Fund
Donate Robert D. Brenner and Edward J. Brenner Philanthropic Fund
Donate Roman Korsunsky Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Donate Ronald and Joan Isaacman Endowment
Donate Ronald C. Roland Scholarship Fund
Donate Ronald L. Zuckerman Philanthropic Fund
Donate Rosalie and Robert Grass Philanthropic Fund
Donate Rosh Hodesh-It's a Girls Thing
Donate S. Adam Symons Philanthropic Fund
Donate Salem Lodge 26 B'nai B'rith Fund
Donate Sam Shaffer B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Samuel Levine and Dr. Irene Berman-Levine Philanthropic Fund
Donate Sam Wilker Fund
Donate Sandra and Joshua Greenberg Philanthropic Fund
Donate Sandra L. Schorr-Krafsig Philanthropic Fund
Donate Schein Family Fund
Donate Selwyn and Joan Friedlander Philanthropic Fund
Donate Sharon Kaplan Teacher Development Fund
Donate Shirley and Donald Freedman PACE Fund
Donate Shlomo Zalman Krevsky Fund
Donate Shoshona First Bnai Tzedek Fund
Donate Sidney and Diana Slotznick Education Fund
Donate Siegel and Stern Family Fund
Donate Siegelman Family Fund
Donate Solomon Weitzman Philanthropic Fund in memory of Marlene & Herman Minkoff
Donate Sonia and Eli Glick March of the Living Scholarship Fund
Donate Sports/Fitness/Recreation/Sr. Club Wish List Fund
Donate Stephen and Jennifer Rubin Philanthropic Fund
Donate Stephen and Susan Symons Philanthropic Fund
Donate Steven Markowitz Endowment Accumulation Fund
Donate Steven S. and Kristen L. Etter Philanthropic Fund
Donate Susan and David Rosenberg Family Fund
Donate Sussman Family Endowment
Donate Sussman Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Sylvia and Herbert Brenner Endowment Fund
Donate Sylvia and Nathan Savalovitz Memorial Endowment
Donate Ted and Shelley Adler Philanthropic Fund
Donate Temple Beth Israel Fund
Donate Temple Beth Israel (LDVD) Building Endowment
Donate Temple Beth Israel Life and Legacy Endowment
Donate Temple Beth Israel of York Cantorial/Rabbinic Endowment Fund
Donate Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood Fund
Donate Temple Beth Shalom Restricted Fund
Donate The Brenner Family Early Learning Center Teacher Appreciation Endowment Fun
Donate The Davida Fund
Donate The Jill Henig Endowment Fund
Donate The Miriam Pearl (Mimi) Bernstein Endowment Fund
Donate Thom Finn Impact Fund
Donate Tillie Meyer Fund of the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg
Donate UJC of York Fund
Donate Verman Family Fund
Donate Werrin Sacks Family Endowment Fund
Donate Werrin Sacks Philanthropic Fund
Donate William Brody Community Relations Fund
Donate Women of Vision Philanthropic Fund
Donate World Jewish Congress Fund
Donate Wright Halbert Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Yitzhak Muroff B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate York JCC Holocaust Education Remembrance Fund
Donate York JCC Jewish Education and Social Action Endowment
Donate Zachary Cohen B'nai Tzedek Fund
Donate Zacks Family Fund
Donate Zelda Clouder UJA Fund
Donate Zisser JCC Fund